Lycée Louise Michel & Manchester Craftsmen's Guild: GigaPan Education Partnership

<p>We recently had the pleasure of working to help organize a cultural exchange through GigaPan between&nbsp;<b></b>Lycée Louise Michel in Grenoble, France and Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Youth &amp; Arts here in Pittsburgh, PA. &nbsp;</p><p>The partnership between these classrooms was born of a shot in the dark, an e-mail sent to Manchester Bidwell Corporation after watching an especially moving TED talk by Bill Strickland. After a discussion between Paolo Nzambi and Dave Deily in Pittsburgh, and Rebecca Clark in Grenoble, we decided a virtual exchange could be set up between two schools across the Atlantic. The project is being led by Rebecca and Justin Mazzei of the Manchester Craftmen's Guild.<br></p><p><b>Their one aim for this collaboration is for the world to get a little smaller for our students, and for them to understand themselves, their surroundings and empathize with others, their environments, surroundings, and cultures.&nbsp;</b>Their aim is to help teens see that the world is just a village, to be shared by all, so that we can learn to appreciate each other&nbsp;and the wealth of our diversity.<br></p><p>The project began by a first videoconference, which took place on March 27th, 2014. In order to accommodate both groups, they met at 6:00pm for the French students and 12:00 for the Americans!</p><p>Says Rebecca, it was really great to be able to talk to students on the other side of the world about school and studies. The French students did a great job speaking English and the Americans had set up a great videoconferencing theater.</p><p>Justin Mazzei, teaching artist coordinator from MCG Youth and Arts, proposed using CREATE Lab and their Gigapan project as a way for students to share pictures and talk about their lives. Below are some of their images.</p><p>

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